Progress Report on the Introduction of Gender Responsible Budgeting into the Public Finance Planning System in the Republic of Serbia in 2018

This report, which is the fourth consecutive Gender Responsive Budgeting progress report, presents an overview of all planned investments in gender equality in the Republic of Serbia at the national level and the level of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina within the 2019 budget. Its main objectives are: to affirm GRB as a good and innovative practice in the Republic of Serbia, to contribute to the institutionalisation of GRB within the budget system and in the processes of planning, passing and financing public policies, measures and activities aimed at strengthening gender equality and closing the gender gap in the Republic of Serbia on all levels, as well as to support the mutual learning process and joint progress of all budget users. Two annexes to this report provide an overview of GRB application at the level of individual national and provincial budget users highlighting outstanding examples.

The process of the gradual introduction of GRB is led by the Ministry of Finance, the Coordination Body on Gender Equality, the Provincial Secretariat for Finance and the Provincial Secretariat for Social Policy, Demography and Gender Equality, with strategic and technical support by UN Women.

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UN Women