Gender Responsive Budgeting

Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) is an innovative public policy tool for assessing the impact of policies and budgets from gender perspective and for ensuring that policies and their accompanied budgets do not perpetuate gender inequalities but contribute to more equal society for women and men. GRB aims to close the “implementation gap” that exists in countries like Serbia, which have laws and policies in place to advance gender equality, but these are not fully implemented in practice. 

The latest brief on the introduction of Gender Responsive Budgeting in the Repubilc of Serbia in 2019 showcases successful examples on a path towards gender equality, Gender analysis of transport, construction and infrastructure, and the latest figures including the ones on users at a national and provincial level that have applied GRB in their 2019 budgets. In addition, the brief comprises key actors, as well as a timeline and GRB supporting documents.  

Published by
UN Women
Published in collaboration with
Coordination Body for Gender Equality of the Republic of Serbia
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia