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United by Common Goal: European Day Against Human Trafficking

18 October 2023

To mark the European Day Against Human Trafficking, a yearly meeting of Local Anti-Trafficking Teams from 13 cities and municipalities across Serbia was held in Niš. This gathering brought together representatives from governmental institutions, civil society organizations, international bodies, embassies, and experts from mobile teams from North Macedonia. The meeting provided an opportunity to present the results of work at both the national and local levels, exchange experiences and practices, and discuss the challenges in operational collaboration and coordination for victim identification and protection, investigations, and prosecution of human trafficking offenders.

Photo: © IOM Serbia

It is essential to highlight several key messages that emerged from this meeting:

  1. The Role of Local Teams and Specialized Non-Governmental Organizations: Local teams and NGOs play a crucial role in safeguarding trafficking victims within their communities. Sustainable solutions for support and integration programs are, therefore, necessary.
  2. Collaboration Between Local Teams and Migration Councils: Through cooperation with migration councils, local teams can secure the required financial resources for the implementation of various programs and activities while enhancing multidisciplinary and multisectoral coordination at the local level.
  3. Visibility of Work Results in the Public Domain: The results of local teams' work should be visible to the public. Furthermore, it is crucial to monitor and integrate these results at the local level into national reports on the implementation of anti-human trafficking policies.
  4. Cross-Border Operational Collaboration: Strengthening cross-border operational collaboration contributes to quicker detection and protection of human trafficking victims, particularly in mixed and irregular migration situations.

The European Day against Human Trafficking serves as a reminder that this battle is a collective challenge that demands ongoing efforts and collaboration across all sectors of society. IOM and it’s partners remain vigilant and actively engaged in combatting this crime, working together to create a safer world for all.

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